3 Strategies Every Leader Needs To Know To Facilitate Change
Lay the foundation for diverse engagement and lasting change
April 20th
11:00 am Pacific

Belonging Matters now more than ever. Everybody knows that, but do you know how to take belonging to a deeper level and make it more meaningful? This webinar offers 3 ways to deepen belonging and make belonging more meaningful.
As leaders, it can be tough to know where to start when you are faced with facilitating change during times of massive disruption, especially when the needs of the people involved are so great.
Some strategies make things worse by missing simple steps that could ensure your efforts build trust and are culturally relevant. Other change efforts focus on one aspect of an issue, but don’t get to the heart of the matter to create lasting personal and systemic transformation.
  • Are you a leader wanting to facilitate social change in your workplace, organization, or community?
  • Are you a leader committed to leading organizational and community change and want clear actionable steps?
  • Are you a leader or difference maker passionate about creating sustainable change for a better world? 
Then this webinar is for you.
The 3 strategies presented will help you as a leader to focus your efforts and increase your impact, laying the foundation for diverse engagement and lasting change.
Register below so that, as an effective leader, you can:
  • Apply a fresh approach that has a track record of generating lasting results.
  • Increase your confidence in knowing where to put your efforts and resources for the greatest impact.
  • Create a culturally relevant approach to your change initiative.
  • Understand the relationship and parallel process of personal and system change.
  • Connect local action to global change.
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After the webinar, registered attendees will have the opportunity to access our:

Social Change Strategy Reflective Learning Instrument
30-minute complimentary review consultation
Building cultures of belonging is an ongoing two-way relationship. This reflective learning instrument will provide you with initial information on where to best put your efforts in your next steps in building and strengthening a culture of belonging in your organization and social change strategy.
Once you submit the Reflective Learning form, you'll be invited to book a complimentary 30-minute call with Jessie Sutherland to review your Social Change Strategy Reflective Learning Instrument and get feedback and guidance on your next step.
 About Jessie Sutherland, MA
An international speaker, trainer, author, and consultant, Jessie Sutherland works with organizations and communities to engage diversity, foster intercultural collaboration, and develop resident-led community change approaches that effectively address a wide range of complex social problems.
Jessie holds an M.A. in Dispute Resolution, is the founder of Intercultural Strategies, and is the innovator of the award-winning Belonging Matters framework.
Reaching over 2.5 million people around the world in just one of many projects, her work has been delivered in over 8 languages and taken Jessie across Canada and around the globe to support communities in their efforts to address challenging issues.

What people are saying about this complimentary online training opportunity:

...we need to provide a “soft landing”...
"Jessie is a clear presenter. I appreciated her enthusiasm and her awareness of diversity in the audience.
I was struck by the idea that when people make offensive comments, we need to provide a “soft landing” and assume that the person making the comment needs more information, which we can then provide. I also liked the metaphors and visuals Jessie created to illustrate the ideas presented and the ideas for integrating the three lenses to create community change."
This is providing me with new pathways
"[The webinar] will give me and my team more vocabulary and tools to structure and further work on the implementation of our project, and to create more space for the people who are impacted by the issues to be centered in what we do. This is providing me with new pathways, and I look forward to getting to explore them."
...I felt joy and relief at finding that there is an effective method 'out there.'
"Since I have lived, learned, related and taught across huge geo-cultural spaces my whole life, there were many “ah-ha” moments in 3 Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know to Facilitate Change. The presentation, questions and discussions reinforced how I want to keep finding new ways to continue to grow in awareness and skill sets. Only through deepening our knowledge of vitally important and concrete lessons in how to harmonize our troubled human patterns of behaviour do we have a chance to move towards a more balanced multi-species planetary and cosmic ecology.
Taking this workshop, I felt joy and relief at finding that there is an effective method 'out there.' I have taken other racism-awareness workshops, but this approach developed by Jessie Sutherland to teaching values of self-scrutiny and heightened awareness to, in particular, white people and organizations, seems highly effective. I believe this is because it is collaborative and not based on blame. This work is also important beyond the European-derived Settler peoples, too, since every people through time and space has their racisms and inclusion/exclusion ways of thinking."
~ Geneviève Dick
MA Philosophy, Project Manager, IofC Canada Trustbuilding Project
~ Rev. Cecile Fausak
~ Dr. Astri Wright
Professor of Southeast Asian Art History at the University of Victoria
3 Strategies Every Leader Needs To Know To Facilitate Change
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April 20th, 2021